August 27, 2018

Property Owners

In this day and age it is extremely difficult to know if you are renting your property to the right tenants. And if you make the wrong choice it could be extremely costly and could take several months to evict a non paying tenant. It is not only about the rental money that you loose, but the legal process could run into several thousands of rands.

 We have many years Corporate Industry experience and specific in the financial services and Property Industry. We know how to credit vet a prospective tenant and provide you with an informed opinion. 

…Rather be safe than sorry…

There is always an element of risk involved in renting out ones property, but with the right processes in place you can eliminate or at least minimize some of these risks.

The cost involved will be R550-00 for 3 tenant reports on the same property for that period. For this we will provide you with a detailed report including

  • Credit Report
  • Affordability Report
  • Landlord Report (Previous Landlord)

Therafter the cost will be R150-00 per report if you did not find the right candidate.

You can email us at if you need more info.


We guarantee the confidentiality of this transaction:

You can complete your details below and we will get in touch. We will also need the necessary permission from your tenant to do the necessary checks and Credit Bureau searches. But we will get the authorization from your tenants.

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